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Insulation - Thermal & Acoustic

Nasmyth Technologies has designed and developed its own specialised process for applying customer specified thermal and sound insulation materials onto complex fabrications associated with external engine structures (hot areas).

This process offers Nasmyth Technologies Ltd customers an increased value-added, 'one-stop shop' service.

The thermal and acoustic insulation process is achieved in three specific stages:

  1. Stage 1 - Parent part manufacture & preparation
  2. Stage 2 - Profile and laying of thermal/acoustic materials
  3. Stage 3 - Foil seal protective covering/cladding

Stage 1 - Preparation

This stage of the process includes the design and manufacture of the attachment methods to be utilised.  Cleaning of the parent parts and the attachment of the fixing medium.

Stage 2 - Installation of Thermal/Acoustic Materials

The thermal/acoustic materials specified are prepared and cut to size & shape.  Dependent on the design requirements, the materials may need to be bonded and applied in multiple layers.  All materials used are non toxic.

Stage 3 - Protective Covering

To ensure the integrity of the thermal/acoustic materials, foil covering or cladding is normally applied to the insulated areas.  Dependent on the assembly working environment, the cladding will be manufactured form either austenitic stainless steel or heat resistant Inconel.  To ensure integrity of the product the cladding is  then resistance welded to give a sealed protective environment.