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Who We Are

Nasmyth Technologies is firmly established as a 'best-in-class' engineering supplier to the global Aerospace and Defence markets. Our expertise and capabilities also support the demands of MRO, Marine, Military, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Commercial sectors.

Nasmyth Technologies is a member of the Nasmyth Group of companies that deliver uniquely integrated precision engineering solutions.  We produce fine limit sheet metal fabrications, machined assemblies and thermal insulation cladding.

From our origins as a bespoke welding company we have grown and expanded our capacity and capabilities to become a 'best-in-class' company for machining, fabrication, assembly and thermal/acoustic insulation.  Project management of engineering components for Aerospace, Medical, Defence and Oil & Gas industries.

Our welding capabilities remain extensive and include the latest TIG welding which delivers a secure weld whilst reducing the heat affected area by as much as 33%.  We also offer resistance micropulse, seam and spot welding, soldering and brazing.

As a strategic engineering partner, Nasmyth Technologies can produce and integrate CNC machined components into complex rapid repairs for aircraft shrouds, heat shields, exhausts, ducting, landing gear and other hot section and structural components.  We have developed our own thermal/acoustic insulation process as a means of providing a fully integrated solution for our customers.